Celeste Hutchings
THE FOX, 2023,
Acrylic and embroidery on canvas,
121 x 152cm (47.6 x 59.8in).


I want you to know that I forgive us.

I won't write it in a letter for you. I won't speak it for you on my lips. I won't call or leave a voice message.

But I will hold it in my heart, knowing you feel it.

I forgive you for acting in ways you still had not out grown of grown into, I realise I did the same too.

I forgive the time broken, the time unspoken and the time I'd left hoping.

I forgive the imbalance. The quiet understanding, that while the notion was nice, you felt it could be hell disguised as paradise.

I forgive you for saying no. I forgive myself for not having done so sooner.