Celeste Hutchings,
I love you with strength – with the ability
to travel near and far and still feel unified, 2023,
Acrylic and collage on canvas,
76.2 x 121.9cm (30 x 48in).

I love you with strength – with the ability to travel near and far and still feel unified 

In 2023 I completed this work for Queen Anne, one of Cunard's luxury cruise ships, through the curation and design team at Double Decker. It is an abstract painting inspired by the love we share on our journeys.

The colourful shapes in the work express connection, fluidity and the way we show love when appreciating unique experiences.

The islands of collage, created from Cunard's visual archive, convey the romanticism and pleasure of arriving at our destination.

Together, these compositional elements celebrate Cunard's legacy in sophisticated ocean travel and acknowledge the love of journeying near and far.