Sabrina Primelles is a Fashion Designer from Mexico with a unique and inspired vision for how fashion, heritage, creative expression, and identity intersect. Coming from a multi-cultural family – Mexican, German, and Cuban with French origins – she embraces the varied and characteristic strengths of her heritage within her creative process.

Deeply inspired by the concept of integrated duality within Mayan culture, she approaches her designs from a unisex and non-binary point of view, embracing the integration of both the masculine and feminine in her work.

Her garments are works of art.

OME, her Thesis project completed while at Parsons School of Design, elegantly weaves her ancestral heritage, a focus on Mexican craftsmanship, and her values of creating meaningful and protective garments that are meant to be cherished. It is evident that each choice she makes in her practice is intentional and profound: from the use of Mexican artisanal textiles and traditional hand embroidery, flowing silhouettes and structured collars, natural and ethically sourced family carved wooden jewelry, to creating printed fabric with ancestral portraits and abstract experimental drawings. Everything has a purpose and relates back to her values, the effect of which is not only seen but resonantly felt when wearing the garments.

I had the unique pleasure of modeling for OME's campaign and recording Sabrina sharing her creative vision for the project. I will link these works here once they become publicly available.

Other than that, while spending time with her I also interviewed her for my series On Creativity. The series is an ongoing project where I interview creative people on their insights and then visually record them listening to themselves. This is what she had to say in 2022 about the role of creatives, what drew her to design, her creative process, and how she views fashion.



Sabrina Primelles – On Creativity, Mexico + Manhattan, 2022.